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Manifesto on the Workers Party of America (1922)


"Manifesto of the Communist Party of America on the Workers' Party"
Issued by the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of America [Central Caucus faction]
"J. Davis," Executive Secretary

This rare leaflet of the splinter Communist Party of America established in January 1922 by the so-called "Central Caucus" headed by John J. Ballam, George Ashkenuzi, Oscar Tyverovsky, and Charles Dirba, attacks the Legal Political Party of the regular CPA as "a menace to the proletariat of America."
"It is a party of dangerous compromisers, opportunists and centrists, masking themselves as Communists," the leaflet declares, going on to call for all workers to "refuse to support or to join this prototype of the decadent Socialist Party -- this party of the American Mensheviki..."
"The program of the Workers' Party contains nothing but a mere platonic aspiration to have a 'Workers Republic' in America," the document charges, juxtapositioning this against the "conscious and determined revolutionists" of the new rival CPA.
At the demand of the Communist International, the off-shoot CPA of the Central Caucus and its own Legal Political Party, the United Toilers of America, were forced to rejoin the mainline CPA at the ill-fated Bridgman, Michigan convention of August 1922.

Published in the United States before 1923, public domain.
This scan produced from a photocopy of an original by Tim Davenport, who hereby releases it into the public domain without restriction.

Language English
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